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Dive Booties, Scuba Boots, and Scuba Diving Socks come in many varieties from Hi-top Scuba Boots to Low-Cut Scuba Booties, Including Spearfishing Camouflage Socks. Primarily Boots are worn by the Scuba Diver not only to keep their feet warm but many of the open heel or strap-heel fins are designed to be used only with boots being worn. Like Wetsuits Neoprene boots come in a variety of thicknesses from 1.0mm to 7mm and some brands boast even thicker neoprene boots. While Scuba Boots are generally designed with an "over the ankle" design which provides not only a double thickness of warmth in the ankle area but more importantly prevents open skin to water contact as well as water seepage into the boot or wetsuit leg. For warmer waters the "Booty" is typically preferred. These are not "high-top" cut designs but rather only cover the feet for the use of open-heel fins and a little extra foot warmth. This is typically because the need to protect from cold water is a non-issue in warm water especially when a Shorty wetsuit is being used. Like Scuba Boots there are also Scuba Socks. Scuba Socks are similar however instead of a stiff rubber sole they are simply Neoprene all around. These are just a few of the Basics when it comes to Scuba Dive Boots offered from DiverActive.com. There are also many other variations of Boots, Socks and Water Shoes for a wide variety of Scuba and Dive related watersports. Come check out the Booty Department at DiverActive.com or call us let one of our Booty Specialists help you choose.