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Happiness is.… Diving Dry. Some people have taken the step to diving dry simply because of the obvious need of staying warm in colder temperatures. However, many have come to love diving dry even in moderate temperatures and have made the choice to never dive wet again, unless of course they find themselves in Belize. There is a huge comfort advantage to Scuba Diving in a dry suit. It doesn't matter if you are wearing polar-fleece underneath or just a bathing suit underneath, many divers have sworn by the comfort and rarely go back. If you are new to Dry Suit Diving or Dry Suit Variations let us help. We here at DiverActive.com can help you make that major decision on which dry-suit to get and how to ensure it is a perfect fit once delivered. Most of the brands we choose to carry are not simply 4 or 5 sizes for you to make work with your body dimensions. But rather we work with you to get all the dimensions needed for that perfect fit dry-suit that is built to last. DiverActive.com also has dry-suits that come in many customized variations and style designs. There is so much to learn and decide on when it comes to Dry-Suits (neoprene vs shell suits, latex vs silicone vs neoprene, quick seals etc.) Allow us to help you learn and choose your Perfect SCUBA Dive Dry-Suit today. Call or Chat with us here at DiverActive.com